Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Which platforms are used for communication of event details?

Event details will be communicated on our official social media channels, the official GearBlast:EU telegram channel, the GearBlast:EU website as well as our email notifications.

Will it be possible to cancel a GearBlast:EU ticket?

Yes. You can cancel your ticket free of charge until up to 4 weeks prior to the the event. After this time, cancellations are no longer possible.

How are the tickets sold?

GearBlast tickets are always sold according to the "first come, first served" principle. Due to certain limitations, there are only a limited number of tickets available.

If the tickets are sold out, you can register for a place on the waiting list. If a ticket becomes available, the next person on the waiting list will get the chance to buy a ticket (and so on).

Why is the GearBlast:EU telegram group locked for people that were not previously on the event?

Our experience shows that the topic in open groups will divert too much away from the event causing gearheads interested in the event topics to leave the group.

How do I get into contact with other gearheads prior to the event (e.g. for hotel or travel arrangements)?

A guest list will be released prior to the event.

Why are GB:US and GB:UK dates announced so much earlier than GB:EU?

The crew of the GB:EU does not come from only one but at least 8 different countries, so we have a different organisational structure and the availability of the crew is usually not known before April/May

How long does it take to plan/organize the event?

The first talks usually start around January, the actual planning phase starts in April/May

Further Questions

For additional questions regarding the event or similar topics, don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form on the homepage.